Monday, April 28, 2014


Look at what my baby finally did today!

Now don't let these costumes fool you. They are really super villains!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Our Week

She finally lost this tooth. It has been hanging for so long, but she doesn't want anyone to pull it out. We were at school and she was showing Melonie how loose it was. She reached in to see how loose and pulled it out. Yay!

For breakfast, every kid usually picks something different. For GiGi, she wants it all.

The neighbor kids all decided that they wanted to eat dinner at our house tonight. I wasn't prepared.

Annie got a surprise award. She got the Be Kind award. I am so proud of her for being so kind to everyone and trying to help her teacher out whenever she can. Love that girl!

We tried out some art today and she loved it.

I love this photo of her being mad at me.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Spring Break, Easter and a Surprise

It just happened that Spring Break, Easter, and my Dad's 60th birthday all ended up on the same week/weekend this year. How great for us! We spent the first couple days here at home and then the crazies and I headed up to Utah. It was all a surprise for my dad. We showed up on Wednesday and he was way surprised to see us there! We also surprised my sister! I love doing that. We were able to go watch Oak play her volleyball game. Annie didn't like just sitting there and told me more than once that it was boring.

Thursday was a fun and interesting day. Dad found people to watch all my crazies and we drove to a running coal mine at 5:30 in the morning. It was really fun and interesting and nerve racking at some points. Because my dad gave them such a good tour when they went to the power plant, the miners didn't disappoint. We went further in than most visitors and were able to watch them break up the coal and feel the mine collapse behind us. At one point even all the miners jumped when there was a collapse behind us. Here we are all trained and ready to enter!

Thursday was also Dad and Cade's birthdays, so we had a dessert and present party after dinner.

Here they are NOT getting off of their phones. We were trying to sing, but they wouldn't put them down. I have a love/hate relationship with phones these days.

What was funny was that mom and I planned on her getting dad something that would take him out of the house Friday night, so that I could get everything set up for his surprise birthday party on Saturday. When he opened his present, he looked at me and said "sorry, but we are going out of town for the night." But then when Saturday morning came around, he just wanted to get home because he felt bad that they had left us alone.

Friday we got everything ready.

Saturday was the party and it was a good one. I wish that his brother could have been there, but he was in France, so he was allowed to miss. I also wish that I was more prepared and got a picture of him actually being surprised. Oh, well.

Our gift to him was a Top Gun Experience at Sky Combat Ace. He has always wanted to do something like that, so he is excited and nervous that he will throw up.

After the party we had a easter egg hunt. Gigi had so much fun finding her eggs. She kept talking about it afterwards. Love that girl!

We then played tag and kickball.

That evening we went for a drive and we ended up at a house with a pony. The kids all went crazy for that.

Easter was a hit. The crazies enjoyed all of it!

I am so blessed to have so many amazing people in my life. I love them all so much and I'm so grateful for the times we can get together.

We are now home and happy to be. I missed Dan!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

This Week



I was there all day helping to hang those fun art projects.


Oh my gosh that was the funniest thing!


That is fingernail polish.


I don't have a pic, but the kids at school got a police visitor and they loved every moment of it especially the lights and sirens!