Monday, September 30, 2013


This little girl is into EVERYTHING!!! She can't keep still or keep her hands to herself. Today she decided she wanted to try this out...

She was JUST outside with Jo Jo.

And all of a sudden here she is with her arm stuck and I could NOT get it out. Unfortunately I had to wake Dan up early to help me get it out. With his help we did and she seems to never want to get close to that jar again.
One can only hope.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Fun Run

Our stake puts on a Fun Run/Breakfast every year. Last year we skipped it, I am pretty sure that Dan was working or something and I didn't want to go by myself, so I made sure that we went this year. We registered for the mile and got our numbers and the girls were beyond excited.

When the race started we stayed together for probably 5 minutes and then the whining started by Ty. (That girl knows how to whine, she does it with EVERYTHING!) Her legs were tired. There wasn't much I could do, I was pushing GiGi in the stroller and Dan and gone ahead with Annie and Jo Jo. By the time I was halfway there, I was D-O-N-E. Ty wasn't going to go anymore, GiGi didn't want to be in the stroller, but then she flipped out when I let Ty get in it. Oh man it was awful. We did finally finish and walked around looking for the others. They were no where and I guessed that they went the wrong way (they hadn't done very good at marking the race) and that they were still in the race somewhere. After waiting for a long time, we finally saw them cross the finish line. Apparently they had gone the wrong way and ended up in the 5k race and Dan said that they pretty much ran the whole way. So proud of my girls!!

Sunday, September 15, 2013


We are 49er fans.
Our neighbors are huge Seattle Seahawks fans.
There was bound to be some kind of war. Especially when they play each other.
The crazies took it upon themselves to make sure that the neighbor kids knew where they stood.

After they wrote these notes, they decided that they wanted to sneak over to their house and hang them on their door. Then knock and run. It didn't quite work how they wanted.

War from Tiffany on Vimeo.

I love my crazies!!!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Big Girl

We have another big girl.
We decided to try out a big girl bed and see how it goes.

She only fell out twice last night.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Ty was playing on her bed tonight and had her shirt in her mouth. Well she did some kind of flip or something and the shirt ripped out her tooth. She was completely in shock when she realized what happened and then she started crying because there was blood. (This crazy girl freaks out so bad at the sight of blood. It could be dried blood from hours before, but if she sees it she will start crying.) And yes that is her tooth already coming in.

Anyway, we got her cleaned up and then she ran down to get the tooth pillow and is now sleeping peacefully waiting for the tooth fairy to come.
Hopefully she remembers!

Monday, September 2, 2013


Wednesday, Ty was able to go have a play date with her best friend. They had a blast.

The neighbor boy doesn't like that Ty has morning kindergarten and he has afternoon. He is so bored that he comes over and asks to play with GiGi. He must be desperate.

Today there was no school and so we had plans to go have some fun with our neighbors, but GiGi decided that she would rather throw up and be sick. So instead, the other three gals ran over and had some pizza, soda, and watched a movie. Can't get better than that.