Friday, May 31, 2013

Last Day of Preschool

For Ty's last day of school, they had a swim party. So fun!

We are for sure going to miss Melonie. She was an awesome teacher. Good thing we are good friends and we can see her whenever!!!
We are also going to miss this fun class.

Next year? Kindergarten.
Oh my goodness!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Ballerinas Annie and Jo Jo

Today was Annie and Jo Jo's last day of Ballet. The first day of class they were not very good. But by the end of the month I saw major improvement. Good work girls!

They have had a lot of fun, but they are thinking that they want to try gymnastics next.

Field Day

The twins had their field day today. I didn't volunteer this year, but I heard they had a blast. It looked way better than last year. :) Here they are ready for morning announcements.

During PE a week or two before field day, the kids get to dye their own shirts and each grade has a different color. So much fun.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ballerina Ty

I signed the crazies up for Ballet this past month. Today was Ty's last day. She has had so much fun and wants to do it again. Maybe we will have a dancer? Maybe.

Monday, May 27, 2013


Thursday, I packed the crazies and I up and Dan and I went and picked up the girls early from school, went out to eat and then surprised them. Some people surprise their kids with a trip to Disneyland, but not us. We surprise them with a trip to Nana and Papa's. They were so excited! I was a little less excited for the drive since I was by myself and GiGi doesn't like the car (lucky Dan gets to work). But we managed fine and made it in great time.
They even were good enough for a sucker.

When we got there, before we ate dinner, we drove down to the Riding's house to surprise them. It was a fantastic surprise!
Before bedtime, they got the nicest person to read them books.

The next day was full of adventure, most of which was outside. It was a fabulous break from the 100 degree weather we are having here in the desert. The girls played in the ditch, we got to hold/pet a dazed bird (it flew into a window and knocked itself out), rode 4-wheelers, relaxed outside, went bowling and ate pizza. Perfect day. Jo Jo and Annie got to go home with Oaks and sleep over and Ty got to go with Har. The beginning of cousin sleep overs. Growing up we went to Washington every year and those sleepovers are some of the best memories.

It was also the day that Miss Ty decided to get her ears pierced.

Saturday, we headed up to Utah county to play with the others. We first ate lunch at Texas Roadhouse. YUMMY! Then we went to Trafalga. The kids had a blast.

What a great time. Oh, and I got dippin dots. So good. Haven't had them forever!
Sunday was just another relax day. And the girls got to sleep over at Auntie Shai's house again. Lucky!
Memorial day was yesterday and it was special. We went to the Sutherland cemetery for the program and it was very nice.

The last time I was there (many years ago) it was freezing! So glad that that wasn't the case this year. It was a touch breezy, but that just made the flags show their beauty.

We visited Grammy and Grandpa and Uncle Hal. Grammy was the only one that the girls knew, so they were happy to see her grave and talk about her.

Then everyone left and Mom, Dad, GiGi, and I went to a couple of different cemeteries to put flowers on some more family.

On the Walker headstone, you can see a little plaque in the top left corner. It states that they were a part of the migration of the pioneers to Utah. Pretty cool.

When we were finished with that, we went back to the house and Morgan and I went over to Shai's and hung out for a while. It was really nice to be with them. I miss them so much.

GiGi didn't like either one of them, but that didn't stop them from trying their best to make her cry love them. :)

Today was our goodbye day. We didn't leave until after lunch and so the crazies played hard. And of course, we can't go anywhere without someone getting sick and/or hurt. This trip it was GiGi. Not the best pic of it, but it was her left eye.

Someone was swinging and she ran right into it. Poor girl.

Utah is always fun and I'm glad that we were able to go. Next time we will have to make sure that Dan gets to go. It is always better with him there.

Miss them so much already!