Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Day

Look how gorgeous my crazies are! I am so blessed.

I really want to get more spiritual traditions going on in our home so that the crazies can understand more deeply the reason we celebrate Easter. Until that day, I will just try my hardest to get the point across by asking questions, telling stories, and letting them know what I know.
I am so thankful for Jesus and all that he endured to make it possible for me to get back to Him. I will never fully understand what he actually did do for me and how, but I will try my hardest to make it worth it. Some days I wonder why He would do something like that for me--I have so many problems. Then other days I can only be eternally grateful that he did. I am grateful for the gospel and everything that that encompasses.

Happy Easter!!!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Fun and Not So Fun

Saturday the crazies woke up and ran downstairs to find what the Easter bunny left for them.

And to see if their eggs hatched.

We then got ready and headed over to the park for our church's annual easter egg hunt. Everyone loved it.

Here are my beauties.

Afterwards, we spent most of the day outside. The girls were riding their bikes having a good ole time when my one child that thinks it is awesome to have wounds that are front and center for all to see, decided to see how the ground would feel when going super fast. I watched the whole thing. It was a crazy wreck.
Luckily she didn't damage herself more than this...

She is a tough girl though!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Our Adventure

We left after church on Sunday and started on our journey. If we knew what was going to go down this trip we would have stayed home. :) We started out in really bad traffic for A VERY LONG WAY. What should have taken us about five hours ended up taking us eight. GiGi hates being in the car and so it was fun to hear her cry. Thankfully I have very loving girls that try to make her happy when she is sad. We stopped in Victorville for some food and ate on the way. We stayed in La Jolla and we arrived sometime around 9. Straight up to our room and to bed we went.
At 1am I was woken up by a little someone throwing up. Ty threw up all over herself and the unlucky child in the middle of the bed, Annie. While I bathed two tired little girls, Dan cleaned up the mess on the bed without waking up the other two who slept through it all. I went to the front desk for some new bedding and we had Annie sleep on the floor and we moved Jo Jo and Ty to the other bed. When the new bedding came, Dan and I made the bed and fell fast asleep.
Monday morning we woke up and got ready to go. We found us a dry cleaner (for later), found a target so we could buy a sweater for Ty and Gemma since I forgot to pack them, and then went on our way to the San Diego Zoo. I never got around to buying our tickets before we left and so we had to wait in line for those, but it went by pretty quick. We loved this zoo. I have only been to Hogle Zoo and this one is 100 times better.

Some of the animals we saw...
GiGi was a pill a lot of the time. She didn't want to ride in the stroller, she wanted to be held. She was also funny when we went up to an animal that she didn't like. When we got to the Rhino, she was not liking it at all.

Zoo from Tiffany on Vimeo.

I think this picture is so funny. See that little boy? ha ha ha

See this cup?

Dan says that he is going to keep it forever, because it cost him $5. I love this guy!
We had a blast!
After a fun, full day at the zoo, we left. On our way out we got our only pic of the whole family at the entrance.

We hit up the Laundromat on our way back to the hotel. There is a Vons next to the laundromat and so we bought some detergent and started our washing. While we were waiting (kids watching a movie), Annie got stung by a bee. Twice. It is our first with bee stings and she didn't take it too well. So off to Vons Annie and I went. We bought some baking soda so we could get it on the stings. She whined pretty much the rest of the time we waited. Then when we were just about done, our car battery died. There was only one other person around and she didn't have jumper cables, so back to Vons Dan went. He got back just when the lady was leaving and we were able to get her to give us a jump. When the laundry was done we grabbed some sandwiches and went back to the hotel.
I was again woken up around 2am, but thankfully it was only because Ty didn't have any blankets.
Tuesday morning we packed up our stuff...

and headed to IKEA. Yay! It has been forever since I have been there. Vegas really needs to get on the ball! After IKEA, we went to the beach, had a potty accident with Ty (OH MY GOSH!!), had lunch which ended up being awful,

and played in the water. Ty threw up (again) in the sand, and she somehow thought that she couldn't get in the water. So she just played in the sand. Of course their are no pics. After playing there for a bit, we changed our clothes and then jumped in the car for our journey home. This time we were able to get home quickly. The only problem we had was GiGi crying (she does not like being in the car, but that isn't anything new).

For all the bad that we had on this trip, we did have some good moments. It was a trip that I won't forget!!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

This Week

Ty has been playing almost every day with this kid.

We have been having major tantrums from this kid.

She also LOVES to put food in her hair. Almost every meal goes onto that gorgeous head.

These kids love when this lady and her hubby come.

This has been a good week.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

My Man

Another year has passed and Dan has now gone up in age (funny how that works huh?). What a lucky man!

We opened a few presents in the morning.

And then the girls had a spy birthday party that they needed to attend. See Jo Jo's disguise.

We then went out to eat and back to the house. Dan set up the new computer that we bought and then he opened some more gifts.

One of the gifts, I wrapped all the things that went with it separate. He had no idea. See the surprise on his face!

Then for dessert I made him some peach cobbler. The girls weren't fans, but Dan liked it and that is all that matters.

Happy Birthday Dan! You are so wonderful and I'm so lucky that you are all mine. I love you!!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Sad and Sunny

I am so excited that my girls LOVE to read. It actually wasn't that way about a third of the way into the school year. They fought me with reading every day. I had to change the way I approached it. Instead of forcing them to read every night I would reward them with reading. We made a deal that if they were ready and in their bedrooms by 7:30 they could read until 8 or so. That made all the difference in the world. They went from whining when they had to read to me getting mad at them for reading instead of getting ready for school, church, bed. Such a happy momma!

Today Jo Jo was enjoying the weather outside and took a book or two out to read, but it was too sunny. She fixed that problem.

Soon after she had a companion.

Love them!

This also happened today.

She misses her Nana. I think it is almost time for a trip to Utah.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Sitting Area

Our backyard is a good size, but it is all rock and that makes it pretty crappy. I wanted a place to set up our table for the spring, summer, and fall and a fire pit for the winter. So I moved some rock.

There were some seriously big roots under those rocks.
And then 4 months later I finally got around to making this.

Now on to my next project. Which will probably take me a year. :)

PJ Day

I skipped Wednesday and Thursday, because 1) I can't remember what they did on Wednesday and 2)I didn't take a picture of them on Thursday, Book Character Day. Annie was Fancy Nancy and Jo Jo was Pinkalicious.
For today, they got to wear their PJ's to school and were so excited that they had robes to wear as well (well just Annie wore her robe).

Such cute crazies!!

We also had the perfect weather today and so when the girls got home from school we had otter pops. YUMMY!