Monday, August 27, 2012

Hair Cuts and School

The girls are wanting to grow their hair out and so for haircuts this year I just trimmed everyone's hair.

After three long months of no school and terrible heat, school has begun! The twins were so excited to go to first grade and eat lunch at school and have recess. I'm pretty sure they thought they won the lottery (if they knew what that was). Jo Jo was up before her alarm went off and Miss Annie wasn't too far behind. They had already decided what they wanted to wear and how they wanted their hair for the first day.

It is crazy that my little twinners are in first grade. It will definitely be a change with them being gone all day.
They both got Mr. Escobedo as a teacher. They are so excited and we have heard that he is awesome with the kids.
It will be a crazy and fun year!! Excited to watch the girls grow and learn and do all the things that little girls do!
When asked after school what their favorite part of the day was, Annie said "eating lunch at school" and Jo Jo said "recess". Love them!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I Love Rain

We are in monsoon season here in Vegas. I love this time of year, because I LOVE the rain. Yes, I know, Nevada isn't the state I should be living in. But at least when it does rain I appreciate it even more. We have been having quite a few rain showers lately. Today we received a storm that lasted ALL day. That doesn't happen very often. Actually, it has never happened in the three years that we have been here--we usually get 10-20 minutes and then it is done.
Behind our house is a wash and today it filled up. It was kinda scary watching it, with how fast and full it was.

That is a lot of water.

Ty had a friend come over one of the days it rained and they played outside for a while while the rain was falling very lightly.

Love love love the rain!!!

Note: If anyone is in Vegas when this happens, please be careful. A teenager fell into that same wash and was found days later, dead. Extremely sad and extremely dangerous!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Dress Up

I walked by a closet and heard the girls in there and so I opened it to see what they were doing and I found this.

I just started laughing. I was not expecting all that hair.
Soon they were all in the TV room in their chairs drinking, eating otter pops, and having such a wonderful time.

I love when they get along!

Bunny Sitting

I got a call from my friend, Melonie, to see if we wanted to watch their bunny, Crystal, for the weekend. Of course I said yes, the crazies would love her. Friday they brought her over and the crazies were beyond excited. They listened to everything that needed to be done and were happy to hear that after a couple of hours they would be able to take her out and hold her.

When we took her out, the girls freaked a little. But that doesn't surprise me. The bunny didn't want to be held, so they just watched her run around for awhile.

We watched Crystal until Monday morning and the crazies were a little sad to see them come pick up the bunny. It was fun to have a pet around.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Mom of the Day

I do have to say that this is the coolest fort I have made so far!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Give In

I had my first "give in" moment with GiGi. We were at the store, in the toy section (my first mistake), and saw some little animals. Well GiGi found two that she loved and wouldn't put them back. So I let her hold them through the store and thought that by the time we got to check out she would have lost interest.
She held onto those toys and when I finally was able to rip them from her hands she was screaming, so I had the checker scan them quickly and gave them right back to her. The instant she got them back, she was the happiest little person in the world.

Sometimes it is SO much easier to not fight with them. She loves them so much and if she sees one of her sisters playing with one, she immediately takes it away from them.
I love this girl!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Uh Oh

No words. Just laughter.


Ring around the rosie....

pocketful of posies...

ashes, ashes we all fall down.

That is what big sisters are for.

Saturday, August 4, 2012


Grandma (Dan's mom) makes quilts for all of her grandchildren. There is no question that this is one of her talents. I love them. I was able to pick the fabric and patterns for Ty and GiGi's quilts. I have been anxiously waiting for GiGi to get hers and tonight Grandma gave it to her.
I knew it would be cute, but it was a lot cuter than I imagined.

GiGi is lucky to have the only picture of the quilt with her grandma.

I have actually told her that when she is done with grandkids quilts, I want one.