Thursday, March 29, 2012


We are doing it again! After looking all month for something, we finally found it, signed the papers Friday and got the keys Tuesday. We rented the U-Haul Tuesday afternoon, packed as much of our stuff as we could into it and moved over to the new place. We didn't finish unloading until 8:30pm. Thankfully my friend Melonie took the kids for me and so they weren't in the way.
It has been a very crazy month and I am excited for it to be over with.
Of course we had to have some fun while packing.

I honestly couldn't have done it without all my friends help. They are awesome!!!
Now I have a full, messy, crazy house that I need to put together..

And yes for those of you counting this will now be house #17 for me and #7 for Dan and I together.

A.R. Graduation

It took them awhile, but they did it.
They had to read 20 books to pass the first level.
Jo Jo finished and was ready to graduate, but Annie still had 8 books to read and take the tests. She only had 4 days to do it in. I didn't know if she would be able to do it, because she kept taking tests and missing one question (you have to get 100%). Well I am proud to say that my crazy Annie passed all 8 tests in 2 days. And that meant that they would be able to graduate to Nurse Shark level together.
They do the presentations on Fridays during the morning announcements.

The principle calls them up and gives them a certificate.

There were a lot of kids today, they haven't done it for two weeks, which took a while.

I'm so proud of my little readers!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Crazies!!!

Oh how I adore these cute bums!!

I'm the luckiest person ever!!!!


This girl can see the open wipe container from across the room. She loves to pull them out and will pull faster when I go to close the container.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Dan's Birthday

Dan's day was pretty laid back.
He got breakfast in bed.
He opened presents.
Nana and Papa came.
We had steak (which wasn't the best) and twice baked potatoes for dinner.
We went to the talent show.
We had cake and ice cream.
Not much going on, but I think relaxing days are always nice.

He is so old there was so much smoke when the candles were blown out. Ha ha

Dan I love you so much and I am so grateful for you. You are an amazing person and I love being able to spend our days together. Thanks for making me laugh. You've done pretty good with your promise.

Happy Birthday! I love you!!!

Talent Show

Last year after the talent show, Annie was a little bit sad that she didn't have the courage to participate. She said that the next talent show she was going to tell jokes. All year long she has been talking about it and she finally had her opportunity tonight. She prepared a few jokes and loved making everyone laugh.

Jo Jo loves to sing and she has been trying to think of a song to sing the past few weeks. She decided on Selena Gomez's 'Who Says', but she didn't learn all the words and so I made her pick a different song. 'I am a Child of God' was the final pick. At first she wanted me to play the piano with her, but when we got there she decided to sing a cappella.

Little miss Ty wanted to sing, but I talked her into showing some of her art work. She is taking an art class and has a lot of projects to pick from. At first they weren't going to have the kids with art or photos go up on stage, which made Ty EXTREMELY sad, but towards the end of the program they said that they were going to let the kids tell about their art. By doing so they saved me from dealing with a lot of tears. (not a very good pic)

GiGi wouldn't sit still, but was at least quiet and oh so cute!

All the kids that participated.

It was a very fun night with Nana and Papa here and celebrating Daddy's birthday. I'm so glad that we could go and watch the kids share their talents.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Annie's fever stuck around ALL week. I finally got sick of it and so we went to the Dr. today.
I think she is starting to feel a touch better if she is able to ride an elephant. :)

The doc didn't like what was happening and so he sent us to get a chest x-ray.
Annie has pneumonia.
Poor girl has to take some yucky medicine, but is a champ about it. I hope she gets better quickly. I don't like seeing her so sick.

Saturday, March 10, 2012


After three years of growing it out (it grows SOO slow), I decided to cut my hair. I really didn't want to do another Vegas summer with long hair and GiGi has had a lot of fun pulling it any chance she gets. So off it went.
Before (the only recent picture I have of the length.)


Ty has been telling me lately that she wants her hair cut like Repunzel, but I kept telling her not now. I LOVE her hair and I really didn't want to cut it. Finally after about a month of her telling me this, I just decided to cut it. Not super short, I still need to be able to put it in a ponytail most days. :)


After. It is a little bit shorter than the pics. She does not sit still and so I had to do a second round of touch up.

Poor Baby

We have had the cold going around our house, but this little one got something else.

She has had a fever all week and doesn't do much at all. I feel so bad for her and wish I could do more.
I took her and GiGi to the Dr and they didn't say much about Annie, but GiGi had an ear infection and some junk in her lungs. We got a nebulizer and have done a couple breathing treatments, and she is now doing fine.
Back to Annie, if she still has her fever tomorrow, I am taking her back to the Dr. There is something wrong and I need to figure it out. Until then, I will just try to keep her as comfy as possible.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

She Crawls

Today Dan and I were in the kitchen talking and watching the kids when GiGi crawled for the first time. It was completely awesome. And completely shocking. I knew that it was coming, she would get on her hands and knees all the time, but I just didn't expect it so soon. The other girls didn't start this soon. What a big girl we have!

Here is a clip of the second time she crawled. She didn't move very far, but she is on her way!