Wednesday, November 30, 2011


November. We didn't have a lot going on, but we were busy and I was exhausted. I can't believe that tomorrow is December. This year has gone by so fast. Anyways, back to the thankful month.
I am grateful for my Ty baby. She is one of a kind and I love her so much. She hasn't been taking naps for awhile, but every once in awhile she NEEDS them. I wish I could sleep in random positions and not be in agonizing pain when I wake up.

I'm grateful for education. The girls are going to a great school and have a really nice teacher. Ty has an art preschool class once a week and she has an awesome teacher.
The girls didn't have school the Thursday and Friday Veterans weekend (I'm also grateful for all those who are fighting or have fought for my freedom) so they joined Ty in her class. I was able to go and help out. They learned about owls and made a couple of cute art projects.

I am grateful for my friends. We have a lot of fun when we are able to get together. They all went out to the Twilight movie and then I met them at the Cheesecake Factory after. It was really nice to get out for a bit and just hang out with girls. I haven't done that for a long time.
I'm grateful for miss GiGi. She is the happiest baby ever. And has been such a joy in my life.
In her short life she has tried out every finger and every finger combination and a couple different paci's to find the one that will work the best. Her number one choice is her paci. If she looses that she uses her thumb. I don't care how bad it is she is super cute with those little fingers in her mouth.

I am grateful for my Jo Jo. She is so sweet and so fragile. I attended 'muffins with mom' with her and Annie. Some boy ran into Jo Jo and she spilled her chocolate milk all over her white shirt. She started crying and I felt so awful for her--I just wanted to take her home. I was able to get her to smile, but once we got her into class, she got all sad again. Her teacher was able to make her happy again and she was just fine. She is trying not to smile for this picture.

My hilarious Annie I am grateful for as well. She is definitely my little entertainer, always wanting to make people laugh. She is so witty and I'm excited to see her grow.

Now on to my best friend...
Dan My Man.
I am so so thankful for him. He helps me out so much and works so hard for us to be happy. He is a great guy. I'm sure he gets excited to leave for work, but I miss him when he is gone. I am DANG thankful that he has a job. We got close to not having one this year, but things worked out and Dan was calm (maybe a little too calm) through the whole ordeal.
Of course I'm thankful for my family. I don't think that I could have picked a better, more fun family.
My other family is great as well. I've been blessed with great in-laws.
I'm extremely grateful for my health. We have had sickness go through our house and I have luckily been spared. Ty had 105+ temperature, croup and the beginnings of pneumonia and Jo Jo had an ear infection and pink eye. Then after we got back from Utah we got the second round of sickness: croup, colds, ear aches, pink eye. This round GiGi got a little bug. I hate it when babies are sick. Not fun at all.
Thanksgiving was great. Wednesday the girls had a Thanksgiving Feast at their school, so we attended that for a little bit.

We made a short trip, to Utah, for Thanksgiving. We left Thursday and came home Saturday. It was a fun trip and I'm very grateful that we live somewhat close to go be with family for a bit. Of course I didn't pull out my camera and so I have no pictures of dinner or of the crazies helping Nana decorate the trees for Christmas. But we had fun and enjoyed seeing everyone but Jenna and fam.
While in Utah we found some decorating that the girls did in our car. They got in major trouble for this one.

We started a little decorating for Christmas in our house, but nothing major yet. We need to go buy our tree and then we will get on it.
We also got our pictures taken this month, but I haven't gotten them back yet. I can't wait for them. It has been over two years since we got any pictures. I really need to update our pictures around the house.
Well that was our November in a nut shell. Now on to December. Yeah!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Last Soccer Game

The girls had their last soccer game today. It was the best one yet.
Annie is so not a soccer player. She pretty much does her own thing while playing and I think she only kicked the ball once or twice the whole season. She isn't aggressive or fast and you kind of need those to play soccer. I was always trying to tell her to get her hair or ribbon out of her mouth. That girl has a thing with putting her hair in her mouth and I can't get her to stop.
Jo Jo did so much better this game. She ran and ran and ran. After the game she told us that while she was playing her brain was telling her to run, so she ran. Such a funny little girl! She could potentially do soccer again, but we will see. There were a couple times when she took the long route to the ball. You didn't know there was a long way did you? You can kinda see it in the video. She ran along the circle white line. So funny.

After the game they got trophies and we went to McDonald's so the coach could buy them a happy meal.