Saturday, September 25, 2010


We are all moved in. Well there are a few boxes left to go through and then decorating, but we are done. It has been one long week getting everything moved and back together.
I am no stranger to moving, but I still hate it.
I never moved until I graduated. I actually lived in the house that my dad grew up in.

Oh how many memories I have from this lovely home. This is a picture after some changes were made. I don't have a picture of it today, but it is even more different. I love this home!!!!

Now when I left home after graduation I moved to Provo and lived with a few friends to work for the summer. I had some fun and sad times there.

When the summer was over I moved down to Cedar City to go to school. Oh how I love that small town. I lived in that apartment from August until May.

A few friends and roomates decided to go into a better apartment and so we moved down the street and lived there for a year.

Wanting to change up our lives a little, my roommate and I moved to Provo. Our little apartment was a dump. We were glad to get out of that place.

We only lived there for a few months and then we moved to Orem to a WAY better apartment.

Things didn't end so well at that house and after about 7 months or so we all split. I moved in with my brother and sister-in-law in American Fork. They were pregnant and only had a few months left.

Things didn't end well that time either, but for different reasons. I moved out and back into Orem. I lived here when 9/11 happened.

My sister and her friends were living in a house in Orem and had decided to move back home. Their contract was still going and so a few friends and I took over the contract.

When that contract was over I moved in with my best friend in a basement apartment. We lived there for a long while and we had TONS of fun times there. This home is where I met and fell in love with Dan. Oh memories!!!

After I got married, Dan and I moved into a townhouse by his sister and we lived there for another 6 months (it is in the same complex that my first place was when I graduated). It was more of a house sitting arrangement, but it had a piano and I was excited to play whenever I wanted. Whitney actually lived with us for a little while while we were here.

The people moved back and so we moved down the street into a small place. Jenna lived with us here. We found out we were having twins here. We loved this place.

When that year was over we were a month away from having twins and I was going to have to stop working and so we found a place where we wouldn't have to pay rent if we were night managers to the apartment complex across the street. It was an upstairs apartment in the same home that I lived in the basement apartment. Crazy times there!!! We only lived there for four months.

We found a small basement in a home not far away and we lived there the longest by far--over three years. It wasn't the best home, but it was in an AWESOME neighborhood and we made the best of it.

Dan finally got a job that he worked hard for, but we had to move out of the state. I had always been close to my family and it was going to be weird and hard to move so far away. We made the move to Vegas and lived in this apartment for a year. I liked it there.

We decided to move for many reasons and we are planning on staying here for awhile. The girls love it and I am so excited that I don't have to tell the girls to stop jumping or yelling.

I have been graduated from high school for 12 years.
I have lived in 15 homes since then.
That is a lot of moving.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ariel's Sister

We took the crazies to see some fish and a mermaid!

We got there a bit early, so we just relaxed and watched the fish.
I love watching fish, it is so calming.
The girls won't get close to the wall, they are scared.
Go figure, right!?!
I try to get them close to it and they push me away and start to whine.
I just give up and let myself enjoy it.
(Warning...My camera takes crappy aquarium photos.)

Finally the mermaid came into the water.

The girls were so excited.

She had air lines that she kept with her and the girls asked why she was breathing with it. They were confused because of course mermaids don't need air in the water! Dan explained that the water she is in isn't the ocean water that she breathes, so she breathes through the hose that has ocean water in it. Clever. They were happy with that answer and enjoyed watching her.
There was a diver in the water that terrified Ty. Anytime that he came around, she would start crying and run to me and then hide herself.

After we left they said that the mermaid wasn't Ariel because she didn't have red hair, so she had to be Ariel's sister.
Maybe we will go some other time and see another one of Ariel's sisters.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Today is cloudy and rainy.
I am so happy!!!
It rained for a bit this morning.
It smells so WONDERFUL!
It is dark outside.
I have always loved rainy days.
I enjoy them even more, now that I am in the desert.
All the windows are open.
Oh what a happy day!

Sunday, September 5, 2010


We have had a rough few weeks, but these girls are my life. I love them so very much.
I try to cuddle them any chance that I can.

I remember when they were like this....

They were so small and perfect.

They were so much to me then.

They are more to me now!

New Shoes

You like the shoes that Ty wore to church?

All the girls got new shoes and Ty hasn't taken hers off since she got them.
Today she would not take them off and put her white sandals on, so we let her do her thing. What a crazy girl!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mr. PB

We are going to watch PB a few times this month. We watched him the other day and the crazies loved it.
Ty loves him so much that my rule is back in place. No one stands on the blanket he is laying on. You can sit on it or lay on it, but no standing. It kept her away from him for the most part, but we still had some crying because she just can't keep her hands to herself.
He is getting his book time in. Ty and Jo Jo read him books.

and he wore Ty's sunglasses, which she got really mad that he had them on.

It was fun to have him and we are excited for the next time.