Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Life with Ty

Ty definitely keeps me on my toes. We decided to take off the front of her crib and try out a big girl bed. She was SOOO excited to be able to get in and out.

She is also one lucky little girl. Did you know that if you have this...

Plus this....

Plus this....

And put them together then this happens....

I was just so glad that she wasn't hurt. I'm also excited that it didn't break anything. The lamp still works and the outlet is still usable--It just has black on it that I can't get off.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lake Powell

My awesome Uncle invited us to go out with him on his houseboat this year because the only one in his family that could make it was Rachel and her family. We totally took him up on the offer and I'm so glad that we did. It was awesome.
The crazies and I left Friday afternoon and headed out of town for a fun filled trip. The crazies were all in good moods and we were all dancing and singing.

Before we had gotten to Mesquite Annie told me that her belly hurt and I told her to put her coloring book down. Then when we got to Mesquite Jo Jo starts crying and finally tells me that her belly hurts and she threw up a little in her mouth. I was passing a semi and couldn't pull over, so I turned around to ask her if she was serious and right then she threw up. I hurried and pulled over and cleaned up. (Poor little girls got my stomach. I can't do ANYTHING in a moving vehicle.) We had to change her outfit and she had to sit on a towel.

We got there and met up with my family in Page. We then went to the house boat and unloaded all of our things. We slept on the boat that night because we were scheduled to have the boat taken to the lake at 6am. We finally got to the lake and started out finding a good place. The kids were so excited to be out on the lake.

Except I'm not sure why this little one wasn't as excited.

The kids had a blast on the beach and would have spent the whole time there if we would have let them.

We did some exploring. We went to some narrow passages and we went and saw Rainbow Bridge--which is the largest natural bridge. It was fun to see all of the beauty.

We rode some jet skis, and the paddle boat. Annie rode the "giant banana". And some of the adults wake boarded. I even got up my first time--Rock On!

The little kids got to fish. Although the crazies stayed far away when a fish was caught. There was no way that you could get them anywhere near them.

We relaxed and played hard.

Here is a pic of our "house"--The Sola Vista.

And of course my family can't go anywhere without someone getting hurt. This time it was Jo Jo....

Thank you Uncle Gary for a fun time. I wish I could have stayed longer, but the kids were driving me crazy. :)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Daddy's Day!!!

Sorry we aren't there to celebrate with you baby! The girls have something to say...

Happy Father's Day!!! from Tiffany on Vimeo.

The crazies are SO lucky to have you as their wonderful daddy. You are so patient, loving, fun, a pushover, and so many other things to them. You are such a wonderful man and I'm so grateful to be able to watch you raise our children. We all love you so very much. Have a wonderful day and we will see you in a couple days!!!

P.S. Be safe tonight!
P.S.S. Happy Father's Day to my Dad and my Pop-in-law. You guys are awesome and I am so LUCKY to have you in my life!!!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

6 Years and Going Strong!!!

Today is mine and Dan's 6 year anniversary.
This picture is so funny to me. Don't you love how we act like we can't be separated at all!?! At least we could still see each other. ha ha

Here are some with us together. Actually I hate most of my pictures. Our photographer didn't do a good job and most of the pics are just crap. Oh well. The only thing that matters is that we got married. Right? I guess it is a good thing I had my friend take some pics as well--they turned out better.

Can you see that there are two cars that are completely distroyed? That is because no one knew which car we were taking and because I have some MEAN siblings and cousins! Seriously those cars were DISGUSTING! Inside and out. And then they got us again after we had washed one. Seriously?

It is Dan's year, but I gave him an idea since he couldn't think of anything. He did decided to take a little trip up to Red Rock Canyon to do a little hiking. The crazies loved it and didn't disappoint with the bugs. :)

The only pic I got of us. I completely forgot to get one later in the night.

Right after the crazies were down for bed, Dan made us a couple of steaks and we had a yummy non-kid dinner. Although the kids kept coming out of their room-- Little stinkers! After dinner we watched a movie.
It was a good day and I'm so happy to have Dan FOREVER! Thanks for putting up with me Dan. You are wonderful and I love you more all the time!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Pierce's Day

Sunday Pierce got blessed. The whole family was able to be there although they were all only together during the meeting. Here is the man of the day with his lovely parents.

It was a fun time together and it is too bad that it doesn't happen more often. Here is a pic of the people who were able to hang out Sunday night. Everyone but the Ropers and Dan.

The girls absolutely had a blast with Meg and Ains. I'm sure they would have had fun with anyone because they only get to hang out with boring me every day.
I had a hard time getting them to leave for bedtime.

Ty kinda did her own thing. She was having a major bad day (just like everyday this week) and so she napped and played a little with everyone and whined a lot. By the way we have had some major backtracking since she got sick-- We had her only having her blanket during sleeping times and we were trying to get her to stop her finger sucking during the day. We were doing good. Then she got sick. Of course all of our work has gone down the drain and we are back to square one. She throws major MAJOR fits if she doesn't get her blanket now. And she is always carrying it everywhere and sucking those two fingers. I am in TROUBLE!!!

Here is a pic taken after breakfast.

It was really good to see everyone. We miss you Skene's and Sarah. Hopefully we can get together sometime this summer. It was also good to see Grandma and Grandpa, but they haven't left yet, so we will miss them when they leave tomorrow.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Heat Wave

110 degrees on June 6. Are you kidding me!?! It is the first time that it has EVER been 110 this early in the year. What is up with that? We have been having such a wonderful mild and awesome spring and then this happens. And tomorrow is suppose to be just as hot. Oh my!!!
My poor Dan has to work at the hottest part of the day too. I feel bad for him. At least he gets to be in his car a lot of the time.
I'm already looking forward to the fall.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sick Little One

Ty has been sick the past week and now she is just about over it--Hallelujah! The first couple nights were awful. Both Ty and I didn't get hardly any sleep and she was a cranky, tired, sick child throughout the day. She would also get major hives while she was sleeping and/or hot. That was crappy since she was feverish some of the time.
At one point during one of the days, she feel asleep on me. Oh how I loved every minute of it.

The crazies don't fall asleep being held anymore so when they do, it is so sweet. They are just the loveliest, precious, most innocent little things ever when they are sleeping.
By the way Dan was mean and forced me to put her in her crib so she could sleep longer. :)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Our Days

Ty has been on one lately. She will be two in about a month and is already showing it. I seriously want to pull my hair out when she does this for no reason...

and this...

She has started making this face...

And folding her arms when she doesn't get what she wants or doesn't like something.

The crazies still love to read. They especially love it when someone reads to them. The twins have some books memorized and so they will read books to each other and sometimes to Ty. I love watching them do this and seeing how smart they are getting. We have gone through many books and I need to buy some different ones. I would really like to find my favorite that they completely destroyed and we had to throw away. That was a bummer.

We don't have Cable and so the girls get really excited when they get the special chance to watch some show online. They really like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

I took a pic of Annie and Dan

Then I wanted one with me and the girls and I got this...

We have a lot of crazy moments and a lot of fun moments. I guess it is all to keep me on my toes!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fort Fun

I built a fort for the crazies to play in. They absolutely loved it and cried when I told them they couldn't sleep in it.

They watched a movie in it, played house, and Dan even tried to take a nap in there--that didn't work so well.

I'm all for the days where everyone has fun and is happy. It is happening less and less at our home.