Friday, May 28, 2010

Fridays are Fun

We had a fun day today. There is a new exhibit at the mall about Polar Bears and Penguins. The first part is about the polar bears and the girls hated that part. They wanted to run out of the place, but didn't really have anywhere to go. There is little cave that is about the size of one that the bears would make. The girls refused to go in it. Dan finally bribed them to get in it and it was a quick in and out. You can see them covering their ears because every once in awhile there would be a bear growl and it was loud in the cave. That scared them the most.

Right after I took this picture there was a bear growl and the girls were out of that cave so dang fast!

The penguins on the other hand they had a blast with. Probably because there is a slide and you have to dress up like a penguin to go down it. It was really small but the crazies like it.

Being little penguins from Tiffany on Vimeo.

After that we came home and had a yummy summer lunch, ate some otterpops, and then played and relaxed while Ty took a nap. Gotta love those naps.

At dinner time we had a fun time talking, laughing, and dancing. Until Ty got mad at me and kicked me off my chair.

To finish the day we surprised the crazies with a night out on the town-- A kid friendly night on the town. On Friday and Saturday nights there is a free "Outdoor Picture Show" and I have wanted to go all month long, but we just haven't made it. We finally did tonight. We watched "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs". We have seen it before which is good cause I was sitting behind a sign that blocked part of the screen. The girls absolutely loved it, but I'm not sure how they are going to act tomorrow.... it was a late night. We are already planning on going again.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lefty? Righty?

We have one crazy who is a lefty.

One crazy who is a righty.

What will this little one be?


As much as I think that that would be sweet.... I'm pretty positive that she will be a righty!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Ty and Her Daddy

Ty is a COMPLETE daddy's girl.

I love watching them together. They are so cute and have so much fun. Sometimes I get a little sad that she is always picking him, but then there are days that I'm glad that she picks him. Thanks Dan for being so good to our crazies!

On a side note, isn't her hair gorgeous. I love it! It is getting so long and I love the blonde. But there is a huge layer that needs to come off, so she just might be getting a hair cut in the next little bit.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Some Strip Fun

We decided to take the girls down to see the lions and a couple of other things on the strip. Of course the lions were sleeping, but that didn't mean that the girls wouldn't be scared of them. We were able to walk under where they were laying and I had to force the girls to go under. After I got them under them they liked looking at them. We didn't get any pictures of that adventure. They were pretty upset that they didn't get to go see the dolphins and tigers, but that one costs money and so.... maybe another day!

We walked by the pirate ships at Treasure Island. The girls thought that they were pretty cool. Especially when I told them that pirates fight on the ships at night.

Inside the casino is a custom made bike that weighs 900 lbs. The girls wanted their pic taken and butted in front of a whole bunch a people taking pictures.

On our way to the M&M and Coke factories we walked by this lion, so we took pictures.

Then we walked by Captain Jack Sparrow (very good actor btw) and the Red M&M and this is what we got.... Total Freak Out!!! Everytime we walked by a door they hesitated before going by because they didn't want to run in to the M&M again. Later Jo Jo told me that she didn't want to see the red one, she wanted to see the girl green one. Yeah right. Like it would have gone over any better!

The fun and adventurous outing plus the very hot sun = two tired crazies.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

My Crazy Jo Jo

Miss Jo Jo is quite the character. She is always making us either laugh or want to rip our hair out. She has major attitude and knows it. She can be the sweetest girl as well and makes up for those days when you want to run and hide. Here are a couple of things that she has said and did that made us laugh.
Yesterday she fell down on the sidewalk and scraped up her elbow and knee. There was hardly any blood, but to get her to calm down I cleaned it and put a bandaid on it. About a half an hour later she informs Dan and I (while somewhat crying) "I won't be able to fold my arms when we say the pray because it will hurt my elbow."
Today while I was getting ready Jo Jo starts to cry. A cry that makes you think that she has gotten hurt pretty bad. Annie comes running to us and says something about a bug, face, and some other fast said words that I didn't quite get. So we go into the kitchen and she is under the table totally crying and not moving. Dan gets in front of her and asks what is wrong. She points to her leg and there on her leg is a TINY little flying bug. It had landed on her leg and she completely and utterly LOST it. Dan got the bug off and asked her why she didn't just brush the bug off of her leg. She said she couldn't and so he showed her how she could have and she said "I can't. I'm not strong enough."
She is seriously so funny and I love her so much. I can't imagine my life without her. I am completely blessed!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Missing You All!

It has been almost 8 months and it has finally arrived. I was just fine and dandy with life and then a week or two ago it just hit. I felt so alone. I still feel alone. And it didn't help that the crazies were being extra crazy. I needed someone to talk to. I needed someone to just sit with me. Lets just say that I really look forward to the days that Dan has off just so I have someone to talk to and be with--who is an adult--that I like. I'm not sure if Dan is as excited as I am, but he acts happy.
I miss the friends that I made in Orem and I know that I need to just make new ones, but that is a difficult one for me. I'm not the outgoing type and I keep to myself. Not the best personality for moving to a new state.
I really miss family. It is really hard to see someone everyday and then not at all (even if it was Jenna! :) I love you!) It is hard to be so far away.
This isn't like an every day all day feeling. It comes and goes. And for the most part I am happy. I have been trying hard to be positive and not think about it, but I have my moments. I think that this has actually made me (along with me wanting to be a better and more patient mom) start to do more spiritual things. I've been on a spiritual plateau for so long that this has started me--I'm hoping--towards a more full and exhilarating journey.
I know that these feelings will fade away, but for the moment, they are here and I am trying my hardest to deal with them positively.
I love and miss all you Utahns!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

My day wasn't any different than the rest of my somewhat dull/crap/trying to stay calm and thankful/happy/lovely week.
I woke up to Jo Jo coughing.
Made breakfast. Waffles.
Got ready for church.
Girls gave me their homemade cards. So sweet.
Went to church.
Came home from church.
Put Ty down for a 3 hour nap. I actually went in to make sure she was still alive.
Made lunch for me and the girls. Quesadillas.
Watched a movie.
Talked to my FIL.
Talked to my Mommy. Happy Mother's Day Mom! I love you!!!!!
Yelled at the girls to be quiet. Apparently I need to take my own advise!
Got Ty up from her nap.
Tried to get Ty to be happy. She DOES NOT like to be woken up.
Put in Backyardigans--the only thing that was going to make her happy.
Made dinner. Pancakes. Can you tell that I really wanted to cook today!
Cleaned up.
Got ready for bed.
Said prayers.
Put the Crazies to bed.
Got mad at Jo Jo and Annie about a billion times. They like to come out of their room with every excuse possible to not go to bed.
Talked to Dan
Finally got them to sleep.
Here I am.
Just about to go to bed myself.
And even though I have these days/weeks, I would NEVER do anything different. I love my girls and they make me incredibly happy. They make me try to do better, so I can be a good example to them. I love them and I have been extremely blessed to be their mother!

Happy Mother's Day to everyone of you out there!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday

We decided to go to the Ethel M. Chocolate Factory on Thursday. I was extremely disappointed and very happy that I didn't have to pay. There wasn't really anything to see and it was like 2 seconds long. At least we got a small piece of chocolate, which by the way was very yummy.
Outside the building there is a big cactus garden. I never knew how many different cacti there are. And since we are in a desert there were lizards which freaked the girls out every time they saw one. Once they realized that they weren't going to eat them alive they liked watching them run under rocks and such.

The crazies made a HUGE mess. It only took them about 2 seconds to take out ever single toy they own and throw it around the house. When it was time for bed I made them pick it up, but to make it easy I had them put everything into a tote. This was their closet for a couple days--I couldn't make myself put everything away.

We went swimming on Friday. Ty hasn't been since sometime last year and so she was pretty scared of the water. She did not want to get in and when I put her feet in she cried. So I just grabbed her and got into the water. She held onto me so tight and had her legs wrapped around me. It was funny. She did get used to it and finally let Dan play with her.

Are the boots suppose to go with this outfit and I just don't know it? Ty wouldn't wear any other shoes but these ones.

The twins were the exact same way.

Saturday Dan and I went to the temple. Sadly it has been FOREVER since we have gone, but we finally made it.
You know in the movie "Get Smart" when the villain tells his sidekick that he is "the only person he knows that snores when he is awake"? Well I came in contact with another such person. I honestly thought that the person was asleep until I saw with my own eyes that she wasn't. I was trying so hard to not let it bother me.
Thanks to Irene for taking time out of helping with the baby to come and watch the crazies.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Weekend Fun

Annie found Dan's hoodie and decided to wear it. There was some fighting when Jo Jo wanted to wear it and Annie wouldn't let her. So after some crying they came to the conclusion that they should both wear it. I love it when they work together. It was pretty funny to watch them try to walk and stuff.

They had just fallen down in this picture.

We were able to watch our new nephew for about an hour. The crazies absolutely loved him. Annie told him some of her made up stories. Ty just talked her jibberish very loudly and kept saying "Baby baby". Jo Jo just liked to sit by him and help as much as she could. When we needed to feed him Jo Jo helped hold the bottle and Annie tried to keep the sun out of his face. By the way there was no sun. She was doing absolutely nothing to shade his face, but I just let her do what she wanted to help out.

I have been wanting crepes for so long, but we didn't have a recipe and I always forgot to get the stuff for it. We finally remembered, found a recipe and made them. They were yummy. After the crazies had eaten most of theirs, I put the strawberries on the table and man did they go to town. Ty was in heaven. They ate pretty much the whole batch.