Thursday, July 31, 2008

Guessing Game Winner

Kim and Sarah got the date right, but not the sex--sorry guys you were so close. Jenna got the closest date and the right sex, so she wins!! Way to guess Jenna. You can have your prize whenever you come over next.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


The girls LOVE their baby sister! They can't get enough of her. They are always wanting to hold her and if she cries they immediately get a paci and try to give it to her. This week will be interesting, since Dan will be going to work and I will be by myself. We will see how it goes. I think it will be fine, but Scarlett and Hawley are pretty crazy!

P.S. Thanks again Mom and Dad for watching them! You are seriously the BEST.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Tyda Rosalie Brooks

We went to the hospital around 6:30am Monday morning and finally got admitted around 7am. When I got there I was only dialated to a 3 and so they were going to watch me for an hour before they decided if I could stay or not. When the Dr. finally came in around 9 I was at a 8 and at 10:39 Tyda was here. It is so cool not to know the sex and finally after 9 months you get to finally know! It was a really cool experience.

She weighed 7 lbs 4 oz and was 19 inches long. She has way more hair than the girls had, so the heartburn thing (for me) is true. It is the same color as Scarlett and Hawley's hair--brown and blonde.

My Mom, Dad, and Morgan came up that day and they took the girls home for us for the week. Before they left we had the girls come in and check out the baby. They were so dang cute with her. When they got there they sat on the bed with me and just kinda sat there being all timid, but after a couple of minutes they warmed up to her and had tons of kisses and loves for her. They love her so much and they can't wait to come home to see her again. Boy am I in trouble when they do get back!!! They are going to be such big helpers.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Faking it!

Every once in awhile all the girls will start to fake cry and then hug each other and make them feel better. They can do this for a long time. Well the other day they started to cry and yell for 'Mommy. Daddy.' and banging on the closet door. Then one of them would hug the one who was crying and make them feel better and then another kid would start. It was pretty funny and pretty annoying. Here is a video of Zoey and Hawley going at it. Now we all know why Zoey is so good at throwing a tantrum, she gets in some good practice runs!

Fake crying from Tiffany on Vimeo.


The other day we had given the girls pop tarts and Dan told them to go sit at the table. I thought that they would just stand at it until I brought their chairs in, but this is what they decided to do. Hawley did it as well, but got up before the picture was taken.

Yesterday they filled their baskets up with plastic food and went outside to the stairs and started eating their dinner. It was pretty cute. They are getting such good little imaginations!

Monday, July 7, 2008

So much fun!

As I was talking on the phone and writing a blog this morning, the girls were in the back room playing. I thought that they were in their room playing, but when one of the girls hurt Zoey and she wouldn't come to me, I figured that I would go and see what was going on. I found all 3 of them standing in the baby bassinet (I'm surprised it hasn't broken yet, since they have been in it before and they are way over the weight limit) with ink ALL over the place. They had found a pen and somehow gotten the tip off so the ink was leaking all over. They had drawn all over themselves, the wall, and the bassinet. The pictures don't do justice to what I did find and I had already wiped off half of their little bodies before the picture. Scarlett was the worst and I think that she might have been the initiator.

The 4th of July

We went down to Delta for the 4th and for my 10 year high school reunion. I can't believe that it has already been 10 years. Time has gone by so fast. It was good to see those who were there and see who has done what with their life.

For the 4th we went to the parade and then afterwards we went to the park to ride the horses and rides. The girls had a lot of fun. After the park we went to eat at Hogi Yogi (it is a tradition) and then we went home and played around for awhile. There was a BBQ at 5 that night that we went to and then we pretty much chilled the rest of the night. We attempted sparklers and after countless times telling the girls that it was super hot and not to touch, they both grabbed the end of it when they went out and burnt themselves. We didn't do any more sparklers after that so we just started the fireworks.

They are picking up candy in this pic. They loved that part of the parade.

They love their cousin Oakley!!!!!

Fun times in the park.

The rest of the weekend was more relaxing and letting the girls do whatever they wanted. They had fun going to look at Cade's cows and playing with Oakley and River Dolphin and watching Papa and Dad shoot their loud guns. It was a good weekend. Thanks for having us Mom and Dad!!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Friday, July 4, 2008


This was written by one of my friends that returned from Iraq a week ago. I was able to see him at the parade in Delta today with his wife and kids and I am so glad that he was able to return safe and sound. Thanks Dave for serving our country and being the brave soldier that you are!!!

"I will start with my first deployment to Iraq and some of the experiences I had there. I was deployed to Iraq from 03-04 in support of Operation Iraqi freedom. While there, I was honored to have multiple Iraqi men come up to me and in broken English and with tears in their eyes tell me thank you and then go into a story how their families and friends were either tortured, raped, murdered or forced into exile by Saddam, his sons or members of his regime. These experiences and memories are among the best memories I have and taught me some things. First all the political stuff aside, the freedoms which we as a nation along with our allies brought to these people is worth the price paid. Our freedom was bought with a price and that price was blood and I can think of nothing I would rather risk or sacrifice my life for than the chance to give the gift of freedom. And second the media has not portrayed to the American people or the world the true story of how the people there in Iraq feel about our actions.

My second deployment to Iraq was 07-08 the first part of that deployment was spent escorting convoys from the Turkey border south to supply the needs of coalition forces in northern Iraq. Over half of our route was through some of the most dangerous roads in all of Iraq, where one out of every three convoy was struck by an IED. The other part of our route was through the Kurdish region of the country where there was no threat to our convoy. In fact the Kurdish people in northern Iraq love us they love America and support what we are doing in there country and have supported it since we got there. In the city where we stayed on the Turkey border we could go to local restaurants and eat side by side with locals. We could also go out into the streets and hand out toys and candy to the children, all without body armor and without even loading our weapons because northern Iraq is safe and stable. And a safe and stable Iraq is not what the media leads the world to believe exists or is even possible of existing, they want every one to believe that we the United States have failed in Iraq.

When it was time for my unit to go home me along with 26 other soldiers from my company decided to stay. The mission was personal security detail for the US embassy my platoon was tasked with PSD for the United Nations. While I did my job protecting UN diplomats and advisors I again had the opportunity to talk to some Iraqi men, this is what two of them had to tell me. The first man was a soldier in the Iraqi army who was excited to talk to a fellow soldier and tell me about his job. The first thing he did was shake my hand and tell me thank you for coming to his country and helping his people. Then he told me how excited he was to be working with us to rebuild and stabilize his country. He was excited to tell me how many divisions the Iraqi army had and the many different jobs it now offered. The second man was a man that had been living in exile in Switzerland after Saddam had the people of his village murdered, including his father. Those people were buried in a mass unmarked grave. He took what was left of his family and fled the country to Switzerland where he lived with his family until Saddam was removed from power. After Saddam was removed from power he brought his family back to Iraq to rebuild a life in his country. He came home with only the clothes he and his family could pack in suitcases and his life savings and no idea how he was going to make a living but had hope that he and his family cold make it work. He and his wife are taking care of their three children by his wife working as a school teacher and him serving in the Iraqi army. Which is exactly how my wife and I are taking care of our children. When I told him this it brought us even closer and gave me a greater understanding of the importance of my service in Iraq.

And that is to bring freedom to those who could not do it for themselves and to stabilize an area of the world that for as long as I can remember has not been stable. A lot of people think we should bring our troop’s home that we should have never sent troops to Iraq in the first place. I disagree, where would the world be if our country chose to stay out of both world wars, what would life been like for the people of South Vietnam had we stayed and finished the fight, and what would have happened to our fledgling country had we not had any help from others during our war for independence."