Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Fun

This year we had a good Halloween. We got dressed up and went to lunch at SNMC and then we went trick-or-treating at Dan's work and after that we went through the trick-or-treat maze at TGN. The girls picked up very fast that there was free candy everywhere and that they could just take it and put it in their bags!! My friend, Sarah, went with us and she was having a fun time letting the girls take as much candy as they could. (Like we need that much candy!!!) If you don't know who is who--Scarlett was the ladybug, Hawley was the bee, Dan was a leaf blower, and I was a disco chick, I guess.

These are a couple of funny guys. Dan tried on Zoey's fairy stuff and Ryan won 1st place for being a brave soul and being Arial.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Winners Are.......

Dad got 1st place

Ryan got 2nd

And Cade and I tied for 3rd place. (Mine is the cat and Cade's is the ship.)

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Pumpkin Party!!

Every year we have a pumkin party where we carve some pretty cool pumkins and have neighbors come over to eat and judge our pumkins. We have the little kids dress up in their cute costumes and just have an awesome time. Not everyone could make it this year, but I'm glad that those who came were able to. We had a very fun time playing games and watching Jenna play the XBox.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Camping Trip!!!

This past weekend we took our last camping trip of the year. My parents just bought a RV and they wanted to test it out, so we drove on down to Delta and went up the canyon to camp out. It wasn't really camping out, since we stayed in the RV and not in a tent, but I am very grateful for that RV. Of course we picked a weekend that was the coldest. On Saturday we got snowed on a lot, but we had that RV with heat. We pretty much stayed inside the RV all day on Saturday. We went out for a little bit so the kids could play in the snow. They had so much fun playing in it and eating it.

Scarlett had kind of a exciting afternoon on Saturday--she was eating the snow off of the benches and then she ran off and picked some up off of the ground, but ended up with a mouth full of dirt as well. And then she fell into the fire pit. We didn't have a fire going, but we had one the night before, so she got a couple of burns on her fingers and her knee. She likes to make sure that I don't forget about it, so she walks around the house saying 'owie owie' and holding her fingers so I can see them.

Other than that, it was pretty much just a relaxing weekend. The kids loved riding on the 4-wheelers like usual and they colored and just played with each other. It will be hard when we move somewhere, because the cousins are so close.