Thursday, June 14, 2007

Our 3rd Anniversary!

On June 11, we celebrated our 3rd Anniversary. Since it fell on a Monday, we dropped the girls off at Ryan and Ali's place on Friday and left for the night. We traveled up to Midway and stayed at a bed and breakfast called 'Johnsons Mill'. Any of you who need someplace to go, you should stay there. It is beautiful.

Our room was called the Waterfall Terrace. It was on the 3rd floor and overlooked the waterfall, pond and river. Gorgeous! They served us breakfast on the patio by the waterfall. Is was YUMMY!

After breakfast, we walked around the property and down the driveway, there was a playground. So of course, we went and played.

Later we went and watched 'Oceans Thirteen' and when we were ready, we picked up the girls and went to dinner. On Monday, Sarah watched the girls and we went to our Restaraunt 'Macaroni Grill'---the place we went on our first date.
This was a fun anniversary and I am so happy that I have the best guy in the world to share my life with. He is absolutely my soul mate. I love him so much! I can't wait for the many more memories that we will have!
Thanks to everyone who helped make this anniversary happen!!!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

What cuties!!!

Do I really need to say anything??? :)


Scarlett and Hawley love being on the chairs in the kitchen, so Dan let them help him make some brownies--My favorite. They had a lot of fun helping him.

Cascade Springs

On Sunday, we wanted to go up into the mountains and have a picnic, but the girls were so tired after church that we just gave them a quick lunch and put them down for a nap. When they woke up, we decided to take a few snacks and go up for fun. We eventually ended up at Cascade Springs. It is beautiful.

The girls had a blast walking around and watching the water. If Hawley saw something that she liked, she would squat down and watch it for a little bit and then she would stand back up and keep walking until she saw something else. It was so cute. Scarlett would walk until there was a waterfall and she would stop and ooh and aah. Then she would move on to the next one.

They enjoyed it just as much as we did and so I think that we will have to do it more often. Not necessarily Cascade Springs, but the mountains in general. They need someplace to run and climb and get dirty. Dan calls them his little monkey goats. They are always climbing on or wanting to hang onto something.